Ramsgate Royal Harbour Railway

Trains coming into Ramsgate Harbour
Where the railway tunnels use to be.

Ramsgate Harbour railway. th remains of the railway is at Ramsgate Harbour which is 2.3 miles away from Newington

Trains first arrived in Ramsgate in April 1846 courtesy of the South Eastern Railway (SER). The line terminated at the SER Station which later became known as the Town Station.

This was situated at the junction of Margate Road and Station Approach Road. Later that same year the SER line was extended to Margate. The route of this line can still be traced on a map along Hurst Grove, Ashley Close, Highfield Road, past Jackey Bakers Sport Field, parallel with Margate Road, Nash Road and on to Margate SER (later known as the Sands Station). Trains from Canterbury bound for Margate had to reverse out of Ramsgate Town Station before continuing on to Margate. In 1864 a small station was opened on this SER line at St Lawrence, situated alongside Newington Bridge in Newington Road, but this station closed in 1916.

All the various lines were taken over by Southern Railway in 1923 and the lines were rationalised. A new station was built for Ramsgate just east of the old St Lawrence Station and the line was continued across a viaduct over Margate Road to join with the line from Broadstairs at the point where it entered the tunnel to Ramsgate Harbour. A new station was also built at Dumpton Park. The new line and stations opened in 1926 and the Ramsgate Harbour station was closed at the same time. The line across Thanet from Ramsgate Town station was discontinued.