The Royal Harbour Academy

Plans to create a new secondary school in Thanet, that will see Ellington and Hereson School and the Marlowe Academy join together continue to take shape. Headteachers at both schools have today written to parents to update them on progress, and to advise them about a change to the proposed name of the new school, based on preferences of students and parents.

Feedback during the public consultation was very positive, and indicated broad support for the proposal to create the new school. However, while parents and students were supportive about the plans, a majority disliked the original proposed name - ‘The Augustus Pugin Academy’. The schools’ governors held discussions with their respective student councils and a ballot was arranged to choose a new name.

Subject to confirmation by Companies House, the new school will be called the ‘Royal Harbour Academy’. This not only reflects the wishes of the students but is a fitting name for a new school in a town which has the only royal designated harbour in the country. A new uniform has also been finalised, based again on the students’ choice of grey blazers and burgundy sports kit.

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