Bramber Castle

Location: TQ 185 107 In spite of what first appears to be a rather inauspicious location, it is worth exploring this site as it contains what must once have been a very impressive medieval fortification. Fragments of the Bramber Castle gatehouse are all that survive of a once more extensive and impressive facade. The gatehouse once stood to a height of 3 storeys and the entire site would have been enclosed within a strong stone wall. Today, all that remains of this is a massive bank with wide and deep external ditch. The site is approached from the south and on passing the church of St Mary, the remains of the three-storey gatehouse are immediately apparent. Bramber castle was occupied from 1075 to about 1450 and excavation has shown that the current massive bank and ditch enclosure replaced an earlier motte and bailey form. It is easily approached on foot from Bramber and Steyning and there is good car parking available at the site. Bramber Castle enclosure boundaryThe Castle at Bramber is surrounded by a massive wide and deep defensive ditch. This is best preserved on the southern flank of the site but on the north it has evidently been amalgamated with a very steep natural slope

Photograph copyright of English Heritage