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Community21 is a publically accessible collection of tools with the mapping function as part of the kit. Visitors can view all the pages that others have created freely by navigating or searching to find the content.

We implement mapping microsites showing data such as projects, relationships, engagement activities or community assets to name a few, in an interesting interactive way.

There is a charge for the customised microsite to be implemented. The next step from here is the creation of the page then, training on how to add data such as video, text, images or documents and finally the sharing of the site with your audience.

Users must register and login to edit their microsite – this protects their site from the public adding unsolicited content.

There is a cost associated with this service, get in touch for more information.

Email us on if you want to talk through in more detail the next step to getting set up.


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  • How do you get signed up and started?

An overview of Community21

A community of practice between University researchers, community practitioners and communities themselves. Co- designing practical community engagement, resilience, planning and development tools through collaborative design and research.

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Community21's toolkit

Practical tools co-designed by communities for communities that engage with a range of 'bottom-up' defined topics

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Community21 forms part of a collaborative research project lead by The University of Brighton and Founder Nick Gant. Find out more!

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