Schools for birds

Lead contact: Rachel White Institution: University of Brighton Email: Time period: October 2015-May 2016 Title: Schools for birds: enhancing bird biodiversity in schools by engaging children in wildlife enhancement and monitoring

This project will pilot a proposed long-term school bird feeding initiative which aims to increase and monitor bird diversity in urban school grounds in Brighton whilst increasing knowledge, engagement and appreciation of wildlife by school children. Birds are an ideal wildlife group to study as they are easily seen, identified and can respond quickly to enhancement.

Birds will be monitored by school children both before and after enrichment of school grounds (set-up of a bird feeding station area). Questionnaires (pre- and post-enrichment of school grounds) will be used to assess changes in avian identification knowledge and engagement/appreciation of wildlife.

Ultimately this project will integrate urban ecological research and environmental education in conservation.

Keywords Schools; Urban; Birds; Environmental Education in Schools; Monitoring; Public Awareness & Engagement