Who's in Charge? Bournemouth

THE AGENCY Contact: Lou Oliver or Pam Slade (Family Solutions Team Family Support Worker), Family Solutions Team, Bournemouth Learning Centre, Ensbury Avenue, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4HG

www.bournemouth.gov.uk email: louise.oliver@bournemouth.gov.uk Phone: 01202 456 884

Bournemouth Children’s Social Care has been offering this service since 2007. Situated within the statutory sector, the programme is offered in partnership with other agencies.

CRITERIA Catchment area: Bournemouth residents only Age: 8 – 18 years Attendance at other programmes is NOT required, but a referral will be refused if parents are acting abusively towards their children.

REFERRAL From professionals only. No self-referral. Forms to be sent to Lou Oliver and the Bournemouth Brokerage Team.

ASSESSMENT Risk assessment required. Parents must be able to commit to all 8/9 sessions. There is a waiting list.

THE SERVICE The Who’s in Charge? programme, developed by Eddie Gallagher in Australia, offers group work support for parents experiencing abuse from their children. A combination of approaches is used. Meetings take place in a community venue, over 8 weeks, with a follow up session 2 months later.

EVALUATION No formal evaluation of this service has been undertaken, though this programme is very positively received and parents talk about the changes they have made for themselves, their children and partners.

OTHER INFORMATION The Who’s in Charge? Programme has been mentioned in a book by Amanda Holt and on the Holes in the Wall website. Contact Eddie Gallagher for more information via his website. (http://www.eddiegallagher.com.au)

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