YUVA, London Borough of Southwark

THE AGENCY Contact: Gjori Langeland, Development Manager, DVIP, 172 King Street, London W6 0QU www.dvip.org/for-young-people Email: yuva@dvip.org Phone: 020 8222 8281

DVIP is an independent domestic violence charity, working collaboratively with multi-agency approaches and partnerships. It is affiliated to both Respect and NACCC. It has been offering the YUVA service since 2010.

CRITERIA Catchment: YUVA offers services for families across the London Boroughs, dependent on funding, This may vary from year to year, currently (2017) Southwark and Haringay.

Age range: 11 – 18. Young people can be accepted up to the age of 25 where there are additional support needs. The service is offered dependent on there being no adult perpetrator, or ongoing IPV in the home. Some mental health issues (parent or young person) may prevent them accessing the programme in a meaningful way.

DVIP has also acquired funding from the Buttle Trust to work across all the London boroughs, with young people only, who have witnessed/experienced domestic violence and are enacting aggressive/abusive behaviour towards family members, and are willing to address their behaviour. This funding is for young people up to the age of 18 only, but to refer young people aged 18 - 25 please email YUVA for advice. Parents who are able to self-fund (approximately £40 a session) can also access support across London in the form of group and one to one sessions, but this work is not funded through Buttle.

REFERRAL Referrals from anyone, including the individual families concerned, but professionals must complete the referral forms.

ASSESSMENT In separate meetings, the young person and parent are questioned about behaviours and attitudes, to gauge risk and motivation to change. There is a waiting list, which varies in length from borough to borough, typically between 6 weeks and 3 months.

THE SERVICE Work is with both parent and child, in a combination of individual and joint sessions. Sessions take place in community venues, schools, children’s centres etc. Work is not offered in homes. The service uses a range of approaches, drawing from established programmes such as Step-Up, Break4Change, Respect, Who's in Charge? and NVR. Following the 2 initial assessment appointments (which focus on building an alliance), if families choose to participate the programme is delivered over 10 sessions to both parties, some of these jointly.

EVALUATION Ongoing internal evaluations of the project are used to inform service development and feed back to funders. These are not openly available.

OTHER INFORMATION YUVA staff have contributed a chapter to the edited book by Amanda Holt, Working with Adolescent Violence and Abuse Towards Parents, published in September 2015. Any questions about the service are welcome. A phone call will enable up to date information to be given.

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