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THE AGENCY Contact: Sally Fawcett, Domestic Abuse Coordinator or Simon Roe, Violence Prevention Officer, Wakefield Council, 2nd Floor, Wakefield One, Burton Street, Wakefield, WF1 2EB.

Email for contact/referral: Phone: 01924 306363, 01977 723591 or 07733 012625

Do it Different has been delivered through Wakefield Council, as a multi-agency partnership programme, since 2009.

CRITERIA Catchment: Wakefield district. Age: The main programme is for ages 13 – 17. Where a young person does not fit the age criteria, the parent element of the programme can still be offered. The programme is not offered if there is ongoing IPV in the home, or serious ongoing CJS involvement for the young person (eg allegations of sexual abuse).

REFERRAL Referrals accepted from any source, including self-referral. The majority of referrals are by form. Phone referrals accepted from individuals self referring. There is no waiting list for parents, who attend a rolling programme. The young person’s element runs 2 / 3 times a year and so there may be a waiting list for this.

ASSESSMENT Current risk assessments requested from referring agencies. Assessment of suitability takes place in pre-engagement sessions prior to the programme commencing.

THE SERVICE The programme is offered to parents (mothers/ female carers) and predominantly young men. There is also a young girls programme operating separately. Mostly group work. There is occasionally some one-to-one support provided. The programme takes place in the local community. The young men’s group is delivered in 2 rugby clubs: Castleford RLFC and Wakefield Trinity RLFC. The parent group is delivered in a Children’s Centre in the Castleford area or a community venue in Wakefield. The young people’s element is a 12-week offer, with the option to rejoin the following cohort. The Mums’ group is a rolling open-ended programme. Work uses a combination of approaches including CBT, solution focused work and drama- based interventions (from partner Geese Theatre). The DiD programme draws from Step-Up and has similar elements to PACT. The team use agreed session plans and are in the process of developing a manual.

Pre and post behaviour questionnaires form part of the internal monitoring and evaluation process.

OTHER INFORMATION Do it Different has featured in media coverage of support for parents experiencing violence and abuse from their children.

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