Leicestershire Parents and Children Together

Contact: Chris Bolas, Leicestershire YOS Domestic Violence Lead, Leicestershire CC YOS, County Hall, 3rd Floor, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8RA

Email: chris.bolas@leics.gov.uk Phone: 0116 3050030

THE AGENCY Leicestershire YOS has been offering the PACT programme since 2014.

CRITERIA Catchment: Leicestershire Age: 13-17 years. At present only boys and their parents. It is a requirement that a worker from the referring organisation is in regular contact with the family throughout the programme. Referrals will not be accepted if there is an adult perpetrator resident in the home.

REFERRAL AND ASSESSMENT The programme is in the early stages of development and so at present referrals are only accepted for young people and families receiving a service from Early Help (Supporting Leicestershire Families, YOS, Youth Service). It is planned to expand this as development of staff and the programme takes place. A brief assessment considers abusive behaviours, severity and prevalence. The 12-week programme currently runs twice a year and so there may be a delay before the next one begins.

THE SERVICE The programme is delivered via group work to parents and young people, within a community venue. The programme follows the PACT programme, developed by Leeds YOS, which uses a combination of restorative approaches, CBT and social learning. It is hoped to offer more long-term support in the future.

EVALUATION Early stages of the programme. No current formal evaluation.

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