Step Up Building Respectful Family Relationships Programme, Cumbria

THE AGENCY Contact: Project Manager, Jane Wignall, Email:

For referrals contact: Deborah Henry, Youth Offending Service Officer, Cumbria Youth Offending Service, Newbridge House, Ewan Close, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA13 9HU. Email: Phone: 07970 687 254

Cumbria YOS is a multi-agency team, which has been offering the Step Up programme since early 2015. The project is funded for two years.

CRITERIA Catchment: Cumbria - South area in Year 1. Catchment area to be confirmed for Year 2. Age: 13 – 16. The programme is available for any young people displaying violence in the home towards family members, unless this is being used to defend themselves against another violent family member.

REFERRAL Referrals taken from anyone. Can be discussed on the phone before completion of the referral form.

ASSESSMENT Comprises information from referring agencies and comprehensive assessment on the referral form, followed by home visit to assess suitability and commitment to completion of the programme. Risk assessments are ongoing including cross-cohort assessment once the full group is in place.

WAITING LIST There is no waiting list for year 1. Names can be accepted for the Year 2 groups, estimated start April 2016.

THE SERVICE The Step Up programme runs over 21 – 25 sessions but some are combined, over a timescale of 4 – 6 months. Young people and parent groups run separately, meeting together for some sessions. Meetings take place at Children’s Centres. One to one support is also provided as required. The programme follows the Seattle Step Up scheme with some “Anglicisation”. A range of intervention models is adopted, with a focus on restorative approaches. It is anticipated that the manual will be made more widely available, once the pilot is completed. “This is an innovative programme of support with the potential to provide long term changes within families. The pilot is being delivered by a team of 5 highly experienced practitioners with the support of volunteers from the University of Cumbria”.

EVALUATION The original Step Up programme has been evaluated in America. This pilot will be externally evaluated by The Brathay Trust. There is no cost / benefit data available at the moment.

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