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The Community21 Place-Maker-Space (Brighton)
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Community21 is a social design agency that is housed within the University of Brighton's School or Architecture and Design.

We facilitate engagement and collaboration between creative students and staff at the University of Brighton, community service organisations and real communities. We support communities in developing innovation and addressing issues and opportunities for sustainable and social development.

Together we co-design and co-produce innovative tools and methods, built through collaborative, inclusive research and creativity - These tools often utilise accessible digital technology and collaborative making methods and creative, community spaces.

We have collaboratively worked on topics and provided solutions for community sustainability, energy and water schemes, utilising waste for social development, emergency planning, neighbourhood planning, inter-generational and inclusive youth engagement, citizenship and resilience and engagement with urban biodiversity.

We have generated practical, open tools (some of which are accessible here on Community21 website) and creative spaces that use new technologies and accessible making methods locally and remotely.

Community21 was founded by University of Brighton design academic Nick Gant and Action in Rural Sussex Deputy Chief Executive Teresa Gittins, but has grown to facilitate a network of University researchers and community practitioners, urban and rural communities, NGOs and service providers.

Example of planning tool uses

Some potential uses for Community21 tools

Search the toolbox to access our open-tools, check out our case studies or contact us to discuss research and development ideas or the needs or untapped potential your community organisation may wish to unlock through collaborative social design.

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Community21 forms part of a collaborative research project lead by The University of Brighton and Founder Nick Gant. Find out more!

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Community21's toolkit

Practical tools co-designed by communities for communities that engage with a range of 'bottom-up' defined topics

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