The GreenHouse community recycling centre / re-use shop 2004

This feature project is an old one from 2004 but shows the value of community in the prevention of waste and the social value that can be accrued through recycling initiatives!

This project developed by Community21's founder Nick Gant for Studio BoBo Ltd was National Lottery funded and led by Guildcare a charity based in West Sussex.

It won the National Association of Charity Shop's National Design Award and was an early example of a community resource preventing waste going to landfill and being used for social purpose.

Recent offenders released from prison are trained to repurpose and rejuvenate old furniture and repair electrical items to re-sell. They are offered start-up set of things to fit out their new home.

Repaired and re-used items are sold in an interactive and educational re-tail environment - the brief was to address the 'musty image' of charity shops.

Design drawing

Geodesic domes make feature retail pods

This enormous former bus depot is refitted with an interior garden landscape complete with geodomes, interactive watering cans and bird boxes and a garden of reused silk flowers.

Concept drawing

Design drawing

Interactive bird-box

Interactive bird-box plays bird song when customers walk by

Feature recycled steel topiary