Bright-space 2004

This project was co-developed by Nick Gant, Michael Mulford and James McAdam developing a super-light and strong geodesic building that does away with the familiar framework.

It is cold-formed (as opposed to heat / thermoformed) from PETG which can be wholly disassembled and recycled.

Assemble / disassemble

The panels are robotically cut and folded from only one material. The folds create a very strong monocoque structure that requires no other supporting frame or additional material components. Making easy to assemble / disassemble and reuse. This 3.2 metre version of the dome only uses 1mm thick material.

Smaller 2.4m dome for Habitat

London Mayors Office photo shoot for Habitat.

Book feature in 'Plastics -Materials for Inspirational Design' by Chris Lefteri