'On Our Doorsteps' - Local Design Activism

Josh Bitelli - furniture made from waste from road building process as a performance that celebrates the valuable skill and work of the council services
'On the road' - Making the furniture
Forfars Bakery Anniversary
Josh Bitelli- Casting ceramics into Bread
Josh Bitelli- Ceramic bread souvenir vessel
Jubilee library chair
Lucy McDonald - Lively Cities / Hanover collaboration
Lucy McDonald - Lively Cities / Hanover collaboration
Brighton Knitting Club
Knitted furniture
Knitted table

In 2012 we ran a Creative Community Festival with around 20 3D Design students and different community groups and organisations. The aim was simply to demonstrate the creative value of collaboration and how interacting with real community concerns and aspirations can lead to more authentic and meaningful 'products'.

Each student teamed up with their local organisation and then co-designed a creative object or activity. The collaboration led to some really unique objects and highly experimental making processes involving diverse sectors of the public.

Link to project page

The London Design Festival Show!

Stand original drawing - Nick Gant

We created a traveling show which included presenting the work at The London Design Festival - where we recruited other designers working through the prism of 'local'. These included Dominic Wilcox, Max Lamb and Kieran Jones and Studio Swine.

Creative Community Festival

Nick Gant / Tanya Dean - 'Flip Flopsam and Jetsam' 2011

The community volunteers
Flip-Flotsam and Jetsam made from community collection of beach waste - Nick Gant / Tanya Dean 2011
The map sole - marking where the materials were harvested

This project explored how we can elevate awareness around marine pollution, elevate the value of waste materials and collaborative community making. Community volunteers and the Marine Conservation Society 'harvest' plastics through a beach clean-up. The materials are cleaned and sorted and turned into pairs of flip-flops embossed with a map from where the materials were collected. The act of communal making and care embodies the materials and objects with greater meaning and significance (value).