Co-op community supermarket

Vision of Heathfield Co-op - click to enlarge images
Heathfield Co-operative inside
Algae powered, driver-less bus arriving at community co-op
Community garden
From Co-op to the future horse cart

An integrated super-market specializing in local produce co-owned as a franchise by the community.

The Co-operative in 2061(as envisoned by the future village workshop) is a community based supermarket and its function is based on what the people of Heathfield need. Providing variety of activities around the site, it becomes the place to socialize for the old and for the younger generations. At the Future Village workshop, Heathfield residents decided that the supermarket needed 'laybys' in the isles to allow people to stop and talk without being in the way of shoppers and the community garden is a great place for a cup of tea with friends.

In the future, only fresh foods will be exposed, the rest of the items will be shown on hologram screens to prevent open refridgeration.The production is set on a local level, giving the opportunity for customers to see where their fruits and vegetables come from and even be part of the whole growing process. The supermarket is surrounded by growing spaces which customers can se through the transparent walls and televisual surfaces.

Note: All future village visualisations are purely fictional visons and do not consititute part of any formal planning process