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Map of land use and water required today to sustain Heathfield in cereal and red meat
Map of land and use required for lamb production now and in 50 years
Map of land and water use required today to sustain Heathfield in cereal today and in 50 years
Population consumption now and in 2061
South Downs Sheep - In 2061 it takes 22,066 sheep to feed every Heathfield resident 80kg of meat per year
Flax grown for weaving clothing and making eco-packaging / plastics

Community Farm

Connor Fell is director of 'Connor's Community Farm' which services the entire community and is manned by community members.

The farm provides red meat, cereal and water according to the need of Heathfield and does not import or export anything.

The Heathfield of 2061 has 9,807 residents. The Future Village team have visualied what such a farm may look like and what space would be required to sustain the community.

Red Meat:
The number sheep required to feed the community is 22,066 equating to 2.25 sheep per person with each sheep yeilding 36kg. With every 5 sheep requiring an acre of land the overall farm land required is 4,413 acres in total.

589 Acres of cereal land producing 90kg of grain per person and 40kg per head for the livestock.

See Heathfield reservoir.

The farms community policies offer those out of work, drug or alchohol dependant or undertaking community service the opportunity to develop skills and / or rehabilitate and become a long-term member of staff as well as volunteers who are paid with produce (Connor's idea).

Note: All future village visualisations are purely fictional visons and do not consititute part of any formal planning process