Heathfield Park Bridge

Joe and the bridge
Entrance to Heathfield Park Bridge viewed from Tower Street
Heathfield Park Bridge viewed from the cricket ground

As a result of the Future Village Workshop school children from Heathfield Community College said they would like to have a quicker, safer and more pleasant walk to school for future children and grandchildren.

The children wanted to build a bridge and hotel and the design to be inspired by vegetable shaped architecture which has started to feature in modern design of buildings throughout the UK.

The design enables tranist between the two key locations of the main residential area and the college, whilst enabling visual and physical access to the park. Cyclist and pedestrians can move through an enclosed space that has meeting, congregation and rest points along the way.

The transaprency also brings users close to the natural environment of the park - both older and younger citizens said that they would like to see the now private Heathfiled Park move into community ownership in the future. As a communal asset one idea was to have Heathfield Park form a nature researve for typical, indegenous Sussex species that might have become exstinct or moved further north due to climate change. Who knows, 'localism' legislation may help enable this to happen....

NOTE: This image is purely fictious and is not in anyway part of any suggested planning or proposal process and is intended to simply visualise an idea in relation to the community.

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