Heathfield Reservoir

Video of Reservoir position
Heathfield Reservoir
A water filtration system is housed on the north side of the reservoir and 3 impressive wind turbines add to the production of green energy for 2061 Heathfield
Heathfield fish farm - Part of Connor's community farm
Heathfield reservoir - Duck and goose farms and facilities for water sports
Part of the reservoir is a duck farm to feed Heathfield residents
The reservoir includes facilities for water sports including sailing and wind surfing as well as swimming

The 2061 Heathfield Reservoir contains the 5,322,749,250 litres required to service the 9,807 residents of Heathfield and Connor's community Farm for the production of red meat. *
(Individual water consumption: One person consumes 150 litres of water a day Meat production: 1kg of lamb takes approx 6100 litres of water to produce)*

The water from Heathfield reservoir could fill over 2,100 Olympic size swimming pools! Why not try calculating your own water footprint?

The reservoir provides recreational facilities for local residents and visitors to Heathfield. It accommodates fish, duck and goose farms for food and houses 3 impressive wind turbines contributing to the production of energy for Heathfield.

NOTE: This image is purely fictious and is not in anyway part of any suggested planning or proposal process and is intended to simply visualise a body of water in relation to the community.