Our Talking Town Tapestry of Lewes gets the DPM approval!

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg invited Community21 and young people from the Young Digital Citizenship project to meet him at an event is East Sussex. The Talking Tapestry uses augmented reality to capture and display digital animations created by young people that express their views and visions for their neighbourhood. The tapestry was developed for the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan consultation and will go on display alongside the famous Lewes Tapestry in the Town Hall so the community can access the visions using their smart phones.

The event appeared on ITN at 6pm which pleased the young participants!

The Talking-Town-Tapestry

Uses augmented reality to enable community members to view the animated visions created by young people from the town - using the Community21 'dig-tools' (See toolkit for more info).

Project participants meeting the DPM!

Augmented maps for housing visions

Triggering augmented animations

The tapestry texture - good for augmented reality!

Design drawing