Re-Publicing the Public House.

Pubs are recognised as being the best places outside of the home for social interaction, networking and community cohesion. However many have closed across the UK.

We worked with Students from 3D Design and Craft help us create products for the Bevy Pub Brighton (first community owned pub on a social housing estate in the UK).

This video shows the students presenting their ideas for a range of products made in 20 days.

A great fun night! Well-done everyone and thanks to the Bevy team.

Here is a short video of the presentation event at the pub

The collaborative design (co-design) process

The Bevy management team and Community21 got together with staff and students from 3D Design and Craft and ran workshops to enable key themes, ideas and issues to be raised.

The pub is keen to promote inclusivity and a diverse public and many of the products explored this - with the bell that can be rung by a designated new visitor, the animated sweatbox that helps to mediate the pub's keenness to have children and families in the pub.

The pub forms a hub for a range of activities in the Bevendean and Moulscoomb estate and bird boxes, bug houses and signage placed that promote walking onto the downs from the pub all explore new opportunities.

Education also promotes well-being and some of the products look at promoting a balanced diet through interactive games.

All the products foster fun and engagement and many of the furniture pieces doubled up as games which were well tested at the presentation event.

We are now exploring a set of summer events to develop further engagement tools that will capture stories from the community that will intern be made part of the fabric of the building.

The community presentation event