Making Nature

Implicit within the ’sustainability’ movement is the betterment of animal and plant species as one of the main underlying ambitions of ‘environmentalism’, circular economies and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. However much of the ‘designed’ response to sustainability tends to focus on mitigating the indirect, negative impacts of human behaviour (waste, pollution and emissions prevention etc). The ‘Making Nature’ Map (and Network) intends to use open access digital technology to shine-a-light on, and digitally document, making practices in the UK and Indonesia that activley benefit nature and more symbiotic relationships with natural systems.

The partners are using funding and established practices in ‘open-access’ participatory mapping (wiki-GIS) to identify, connect and facilitate a new network of making practitioners across disciplinary areas and in disparate parts of the world. It is supporting understandung of how makers percieve and inact their role in forming 'productive habitats' that can support the generation of ‘products’ that minimise the impact on the environment and furthermore maximise the potential for species proliferation and bio-diversity.

The recent British Council South and East Asia Crafting Futures ‘Digital Circle’ and World Crafts Council webinar ‘Crafts and the Circular Economy’ raised the question whether ‘crafts already have the answers’ (?) to some of the most fundamental issues that face human production and consumption cycles. The Making Nature project responds to this potential ‘holy grail’ of creative, sustainable endeavours by using digitally enabled methods to clearly articulate and galvanise this potential. The resulting map hopes to provide a ‘live’ archive of practitioners and reflection on their methods that are ‘sign-posting the way’ to support thriving habitats for both sustainable production and species proliferation.

The map will be published in Spring 2022 following engagements with UK and Indonesian participants and an international knowledge exchange workshop.