Falmer School Arts project - 2005

Pupils in the ‘Inclusion group’ at Falmer High School have in the past experienced particular difficulty in engaging with educational institutions and have been or are at risk of being excluded. This project aimed to engage pupils in an art installation project based around exploration of themes directly related to their current life stage and encouraged them to work alongside art students.

Project Outline

The project reflected on some of the broader themes, of diversity, culture and ritual that were a key focus for the school in the coming year, and encouraged school students to explore these issues in relation to their own community groups.

The project also provided an excellent opportunity for the University students to gain some practical work experience in the community arts field and working with young people in school. The project took place at The Bridge Community Education Centre adjoining the school rather than on the school premises itself. The finished sculptural piece were displayed within the school premises, and parents and friends invited to a launch event.

Project partners

Falmer High School Inclusion Group

The inclusion group at Falmer High School is run by learning mentors who support the young people within class room settings as well as running additional activities with them.

Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Brighton

The Faculty of Arts and Architecture unites the disciplines of art, design and humanities with architecture and interior design. The Faculty offers a module titled Extension Studies which enables students to take part in projects such as this and to gain credits towards their course for the work they do.