Pride 2004 - Evaluation

The broad aim of the research was to provide an economic, social and cultural evaluation of Pride establishing links between the University of Brighton and the Brighton lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/transsexual community, including the different organisations that represent this community.

Project Outline

This was the first stage of a programme of research being undertaken by Pride in Brighton & Hove and consisted of an extensive questionnaire survey of participants in Pride 2004.

The questionnaires were administered by University of Brighton students who received training and experience that was of value to their own project work in the future and the material gathered was planned to be used as teaching materials. Potential funding (outside of Cupp) was identified for the later stages of the project and allowed an ongoing link between Pride and the School of the Environment, where it connects with existing research interests.

Brighton & Hove Pride 2004 took place on 7th August. 42 data collectors were there to carry out the questionnaire survey for Pride, Brighton & Hove City Council and the University’s School of the Environment. Kath Browne, from the University, trained and managed the research and over 7200 questionnaires were completed.

When asked how the day went, Kath said: “The day was an amazing success. Everyone worked hard in balmy conditions to make sure the survey was an impressive accomplishment of which we can be proud. Pride and Brighton and Hove Council are excitedly awaiting the results which will be released at Winter Pride in February 2005.”

The results of the questionnaires will gave Pride a better idea of who visits the festival, why they go and what it means to them. This helps Pride to plan future festivals and events. The results will also help Brighton & Hove City Council to understand what contribution the festival makes to the city and its economy.

Project partners

Pride in Brighton and Hove

Pride In Brighton & Hove is a non-profit members' organisation serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community of Brighton and Hove.

It aims to promote equality and diversity, advance education and eliminate discrimination in relation to the LGBT community, in particular but not exclusively those resident in Brighton and Hove. They hope to raise awareness in issues affecting the LGBT community in particular by promoting and staging an annual LGBT festival and making grants and/or donations to other charitable and voluntary organisations with the object of developing an environment in favour of LGBT equality by providing information, advice and support.

School of the Environment, University of Brighton

The School of the Environment is a centre for teaching and research in Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geography and Geology. Courses are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and many also lead to professional accreditation. Research within the school is organised around four interdisciplinary groups - Biogeography and Ecology, Earth Systems and Environmental Hazards, Power, Society and Environment and Sustainability of the Built Environment.