Product Life Workshop 2007

This collaborative research process was co-devised by Nick Gant and Jonathan Chapman. It engaged design industry professionals, social scientists, physiologists, materials experts and makers to respond to data relating to object attachments provided by an extensive industry survey.

The data provided key themes that were developed by multi-disciplinary teams. Each team was tasked with defining the conceptual and physical form of products that respond to the themes. The resulting products were presented back to the design via an exhibit at London Design Festival where further data, analysis and feedback was collected.

The product and embodied research have featured in numerous research and design publications and formed a central aspect and method within Jonathan Chapman's PHD thesis.

Emotionally Durable Design: Sustaining relationships between users and domestic electronic products link

Narrative mobile phone

In collaboration with Ashley Phillips, Richard Morris, Dr Lesley Whitworth and Chris Lefteri

Attachment camera

- collaboration with Karin Jaschke, Nick Rawcliffe and Jonathan Blaker

Consciousness MP3 player

In collaboration with Dr Bernice Pan, Stefano Santilli and Sarah Owen

Fiction toaster

in collaboration with by Kathryn Ladd, Kieran Jones and Hannah Scroggs)

Surface vacuum cleaner

In collaboration with Chris Rose, Ben Wilson, Dr Natalie Woolf and Akil Chomoko

Detachment TV set

In collaboration with James McAdam, Arash Kaynamara and Adeel Khan)