Prismex table New York Grand Central Station 2001

Image Casson Mann

Prismex table 1998

As part of our research with iconic material brand Perspex and Philips we developed a range of furniture that expanded the potential for energy efficient illuminated furniture.

We consulted on the development of this technology that won government Millennium Product Status in 1999 and that utilised prismatic sheet and what were then pioneering ultra-bright led innovations.

The acrylic material is printed with a patented prismatic pattern that when lit with low energy leds promotes efficient, even and cool light across a thin surface.

This presents several design opportunities to construct flat or curved surfaces that appear to magically illuminate. The energy and material reduction potential transformed the market for street and marketing as well as industrial and domestic illumination.

The Prismex table is made from only two material components (extruded aluminium and Prismex TM acrylic sheet) and is designed for easy disassembly and recycling - but is thin, lightweight and strong and provides even, cool illumination.

Prismex table used in leading design venues

Our designs for the use of Prismex were presented at the material's official launch at the London Observatory, at 100% Years of Art and Fashion private view at Hayward Gallery, The London Design Festival, V&A Museum Millennium event and by Casson Mann at Grand Central Station for the Best of British Design expose.