Everyday Creativity

Welcome to our Everyday Creativity web page.

Here you can find out more about our Everyday Creativity project. This is a funded project that explores how creativity might support the well-being, resilience and connectivity of Personal Assistants in their daily personal and professional lives.

If you are a Personal Assistant we would love you to get involved!

We will be offering lots of creativity resources through our Facebook page and through the post. There will be opportunities to engage with other Personal Assistants from across East Sussex, if you would like to, but you can participate in whatever way you wish.



In spring 2021 we are working Personal Assistants from across East Sussex to explore Everyday Creativity.

Do you consider yourself creative? Some of us do and some of us don't but we believe everyone has some creativity in them and we have found that often PA's are more creative than they think and probably use creativity in their caring roles.

Can creativity really help PA's with their personal and / or professional well-being, resilience and connectivity to others? Do we even know what we mean by these terms?

The project has been funded by Public Health (East Sussex County Council) and is co-delivered by Community21, creative researchers at The University of Brighton, The Centre of Arts and Well-being and Culture Shift.

Project Team: Nick Gant, Emma Collins and Ally Waller with generous support from Jim Wilson, Ade Krumins and Mark Joste. With thanks to Karen Young and Stuart Hedley and Julia Roberts.

Everyday Creativity packs

Creativity Needs you

We would love to learn more about how creativity can support PA's so we are asking PA's to take part in the project so we can learn from you. In return we will provide some prompts and activities that have been designed with input from your fellow PA's as well as creative designers from The University of Brighton's Community21 research group.

We hope that you will have fun, get creative and help build a creative community of Personal Assistants who can support one another through Everyday Creativity.

What does creativity mean to you? Maybe you like taking photos, gardening, cooking, even daydreaming or maybe helping create new activities for your clients? Maybe this project will support you to develop your creativity in new ways, learn a new skill and who knows creativity might indeed prove to be good for us!

Getting involved

You can participate by either joining the Facebook group (which is private and just for this project) there you will find some activities and chat and other PA's of course!

If you would prefer not to use social media we can send you can still receive our Everyday Creativity activities and pack by post by contacting our team member Nick his email is here:


Over the spring of 2021 we hope to get as many PA's as possible involved in developing a community understanding of creativity.

Research - learning from each other.

This is a research project, funded by East Sussex County Council Public Health team and delivered by Culture Shift as a charity and The University of Brighton. Therefore we will be monitoring and evaluating the activities and posts on the Facebook page and any materials participants create. We hope to use the knowledge we generate together to build better opportunities and support for Personal Assistants. We may publish the results of the project and any posts and opinions participants make or share with us to promote the project and to share what we have learned with others. This may include publicising the project on our websites and discussing it through academic papers and presentations to other stakeholders who will benefit from our new insights.

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Everyday Creativity packs