Identilam PLC

Identilam's Faygate Office

Raising the bar

Established in 1985 we provide best value across the range of our products.

We are committed to servicing accounts to the highest standards, adding value to our products, whilst addressing current requirements embracing new technologies and materials to address future requirements.

Our Software – which we have written for almost 25 years – serves the Corporate ID card and Conference and Event badging sectors. We develop our software in a modular and structured manner, resulting in a fully integrated and trusted suite of Software. We extend the functionality of the software by embracing new technologies, where appropriate, such as Microsoft .Net framework, wireless mobile networking and customised interfaces with external systems

Our Materials –our products are both standard “off the shelf” and also custom produced to client requirements.

Many years of experience has fine tuned our own production and enabled us to form working relationships with 3rd party manufacturers; our response time and quality are exemplary.

Our Support – all software and hardware support is backed up by a range of maintenance, telephone help line and on-site visits designed to ensure the client is operational at all times.