Work / Live housing

The Habitat micro-franchise repairing furniture and printing new products with a 3D printer using household waste fibres
Independent water collection and filtration
Chestnut shingles
Working And Living In The New Community Housing Scheme
Habitat's Wood Workshop
Dyson's Plastic 3D Printer

The 'Heathfield House' in fifty years is designed to ultilse local materials (sweet chestnut and sandstone) and is a zero carbon work and live unit.

Upstairs and half of the downstairs are the living quarters, and half of the downstairs is the work unit. Each shop is a specialist service for the community.

The community will be run a 'no landfill' policy. Wooden chairs can be mended and repaired at the Habitat wood workshop, where a resident can learn how to repair their furniture. Wooden items that cannot be repaired will become wood fuel for the biomass boiler at the school and would be transported by using the carts. Plastic waste can be given to the Dyson shop where they will melt it down and use it in their 3D printers to produce any open source furniture. Electrical items will be taken to Philips to be taken apart safely and made into a new item. Paper waste will be taken to Staples to be reused and made into new items.

Note: All future village visualisations are purely fictional visons and do not consititute part of any formal planning process