Heathfield Community College in 2061

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Vertical growing scheme for self sufficient canteen
Aglae bus at school bus stop

The staff and students fo Heathfield Community College in collaboration with 'older' generations of Heathfield residents have provided the basis for most of the visions of heathfield in the future.

They identified the Community College as a real community asset and teh Future Village Team co-designed a vision for the college in 2061 which includes 'off grid', self sufficient energy and food production.

The new wind turbine concept produces electricity whichever way the wind blows making it more efficient. The school roof collects the water, just like the new heathfield houses and it is pumped in hydro systems to all parts of the school. The Biomass boiler fueled by the Habitat wood workshop, agricultural waste and forest waste produces heat and electricity to the school. The roof of the entrance to the school is now a conveyer-belt vertical growing system maximising space for more crops to grow. The roof provides fesh produce for the school canteen and the roof also allows a more hands on approach to teaching.