Knowlands Wood

Silver Washed Fritillary
White Admiral
Purple Hairstreak

Knowlands Wood is part of a private nature reserve which includes the neighbouring farmland. There is one public footpath running through the wood.

Mainly hornbeam and oak (but with some twenty species of tree), the wood is actively coppiced and has open spaces which attract birds, flowers and insects. In April there is a fine display of spring flowers, notably primroses, wood anemones and bluebells. In July, twenty species of butterflies can be observed, including Silver-washed Fritillaries, White Admirals and Purple Hairstreaks.

Fallow deer abound. There is a badger sett. Many birds nest in the wood, including four species of warbler.

At present, the philosophy of the owners is to allow access to local people who are interested in the natural history of the wood. It is not a public park. You are encouraged to bring binoculars and camera, move quietly and leave your dog at home. Young nature lovers are especially welcome