Ramsgate Royal Harbour

sky view covering The Royal Harbour
Ramsgate Royal Harbour

The Royal Harbour is only 2.7 miles from Newington and is about a half an hour walk.

The Port of Ramsgate (also known as Port Ramsgate, Ramsgate Harbour, and Royal Harbour, Ramsgate) is a harbour situated in Ramsgate, south-east England, serving cross-Channel freight traffic and smaller working and pleasure craft. It is run on behalf of the public by the local authority, Thanet District Council. A car passenger ferry service operated by TransEuropa Ferries was suspended in April 2013 and a replacement operator has yet to be found.

The history of Ramsgate Royal Harbour

The construction of Ramsgate Harbour began in 1749 and was completed in about 1850. The two most influential architects of the Harbour were father and son John Shaw and John Shaw Jr, who designed the clockhouse, the obelisk, the lighthouse and the Jacob's Ladder steps.

The Harbour has the unique distinction of being the only harbour in the United Kingdom awarded the right to call itself a Royal Harbour. This was bestowed by King George IV after he was taken by the hospitality shown by the people of Ramsgate when he used the harbour to depart and return with the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1821.