The Granville Theatre

An overview of the Granville
Granville theatre

The Granville theatre/cinema is located on Ramsgate sea front and is about 25-40 minute walk and is 2 miles away from Newington.

The Granville Cinema is part of the Granville Theatre complex located in Victoria Parade, Ramsgate, Kent, and is the town's sole multi-purpose entertainment venue. The theatre derived its name from the Granville Hotel, Ramsgate opposite. The building is currently leased from Thanet District Council.

The Granville Theatre. Photographed by Benedict Kelly,18 January 2014 The old Granville Pavilion was damaged beyond repair in WW2 and was subsequently demolished. A new building was planned on the same site by the Borough Engineer (Mr R. D. Brimmell). The New Granville Theatre, as it was originally known, was designed by the architect Mr W. Garwood at a cost of £13,100. After the war, building materials were in short supply. This meant that every usable brick from the old building was brought into use, with new blocks being made in the town. The theatre was declared open by the Mayor of Ramsgate (Alderman S. E. Austin) on Saturday 21 June 1947.

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