Sean Teatum

We have been busy collecting your ideas, wishes and concerns by attending the FUBS Summer fete, the 3bs Annual Parish Fete and the Small Dole Summer Show. Our new addition to the Team ‘Uncle Bob’ has been taking down all your ideas which include the following: Junctions to Dacre Gdns 20MPH zone plus Notice Board & Community Recycling and Compost Bins, Traffic Calming Small Dole, Running Club for All ages, Music Practice venue, Safer road crossing for Dacre Gdns to river, Concern over Drilling and Fracking, More Sheltered Housing & Care Homes, Gym, Pub with Kids Area, Younger Kids Park, Family Amenities, No Over Development, Village Mulberry & Walnut Tree, Fruit Trees in the open spaces, More stuff for 9 year old kids, More Recreational Space for families