Place-Maker-Space for Newhaven Fort February 2017

Community21 and Newhaven Fort are working with the School of Architecture and Design to envision new ideas for the future of the Fort as a cultural catalyst for the area.

We have created another 'Place-Maker-Space' where we will encourage all kinds of collaborative making and envisioning activities that explore the Fort's future.

In conjunction with University of Brighton students we are currently exploring a prototype arts and architecture installation which is aimed at understanding how the fort may benefit from a more creative community offer.

Entitled 'Watch, Look, Listen' it explores the technical, scientific and human history of the fort through new and different experiences mediated by sculptural artefacts and tools that we are making. This hopes to reveal hidden histories and experiences of the fort whilst providing new perspectives on its future.

We are drawing together a creative community around the fort and the Place-Maker-Space and developing what we hope will be prototype programmes of activities that catalyse a new future for the Fort as a cultural, community hub.

Thanks to Wave Leisure and team at the Fort for getting us involved.

Co-led by Nick Gant and Glenn Longden-Thurgood (Deputy Head of School of Architecture and Design)

Watch, Look, Listen exhibition June 2017

A short film of our 'pop-up' exhibition created by students and staff from Interior Architecture and 3D Design and Craft at the University of Brighton.

A prototype to see how art and architecture might offer new opportunities for this amazing site.

Thanks to Wave Leisure and Newhaven Fort team. Special thanks to Andrew Bayley for generous graphic design support and guest artist Joe Webb for inspiration. Thanks as always to Jim Wilson, Ade Krumins, Ash Lim, Evan Reinhold and the technical team and thanks and congratulations to the interior architecture 'buy-out' students.


Artwork by Nick Gant in collaboration with artist Joe Webb.

A contrasting work - a children's mobile features toy aeroplanes that project insidious, looming shadows and pretty illuminated, ghosts of invading aircraft.