Plastics pollution; social, economic and environmental impacts

Image Nick Gant

Nick has been talking with other experts at the Latin America tourism conference regarding the issues and opportunities associated with waste in the tourism industry.

Alongside Andy Donnelly from the Galapagos Conservation Trust and Jo Ruxton Director of Plastic Ocean and producer of Blue Planet, Nick presented methods to engage the public and authorities in the issues in different localities in support of change.

Nick presented work undertaken in the UK, Africa and Indonesia by our researchers in support of both the behaviour issues that lead to waste and how best to deal with the materials which can facilitate community development.

Marine pollution is having a social and economic impact in areas that rely on tourism. Targeted by activists, the deliberate use of 'paradise' as a backdrop to highlight the plight of animal species and the oceans in and around famous reefs and destinations is having an impact on these economies and prompting action.

Nick presented methods for engaging notions of 'meaning making' that support the transition of cultures into new more considerate methods of waste management and demonstrate opportunities for education and entrepreneurship as well as conservation and prevention in developing communities.

The famous Bahamas pigs

Image Juggadery

Brighton beach flip-flop made from recovered beach waste Gant and Dean (2011)