Design Council - Future of Design

In February 2020 we hosted the Design Council as part of their UK consultation on 'The Future of Design'.

Head of Programme for the Council worked with Community21 / UOB and teams to engage a diverse range of design practitioners in a two-stage workshop in this special 75th anniversary year of the Council.

Workshop tools

We designed some table-top-tools and graphics to support the flow of the workshop and capture data against the Design Council's concerns and metrics.

Printed onto recycled media the 4m long media enabled practitioner participants to sketch, write and respond to diagrams and prompts printed onto the table surfaces.

Design practitioners from across disciplines

We led the invitation of a broad cohort of designers from across our network that included sustainability, graphics and brand development, architecture and interiors, media services, product and industrial design.

Service users

In the second half of the session we invited design service users from public and private sectors, charities and industries alike to further the insights into the demands for design looking ahead.

Informing programmes

The data developed will be combined with that from three other consultations and used to support new directions for programmes and policies for the council - which will be published in due course.