Waterloo Street Community Garden (WSCG)

Waterloo Street Arches
The Communal Gardens
Litter notice in the Gardens

Community Garden space which is run by community garden volunteers. The grade 2 listed archway, which is a pathway to the Old Market, shows the heritage of the Brunswick area after being restored in 1986 is now a communal garden. This restoration allows an appreciation of the culture and heritage within the area and encourages citizens to protect and maintain the garden and the environment surrounding it. Local volunteers are absolutely vital to keeping the area clean and well maintained.

"Waterloo Street Community Garden is a community based project that maintains the garden built between The Old Market and the Waterloo Street Arch. WSCG is now maintaining this garden and Bill Cowell (founder of the East Brunswick Residents Association) is the appointed Guardian. Volunteers from the residents around The Old Market (TOM) give up their valuable time to weed, plant, prune, water and generally maintain the garden"

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