Mapping sustainable citizenship across the city

About this map

This prototype, pilot project map has been developed by first year University of Brighton Students who have been mapping community 'green' initiatives in the City.

Brighton and Hove has a strong agenda and identity as a 'green city', but how does this manifest in terms of citizen action? What does this culture look like in reality and how might we support the growth of grassroots and community initiatives that support the health and vitality of a more sustainable city?

It is hoped that this project will be progressed to develop further detailed content on what actions communities are taking, but also what motivates those who have taken action and what knowledge they can share with other citizens to inspire others and enable peer-to-peer learning.

Watch this space!

You can search this map and focus on key categories.

Student Instructions:

Upload information on your ward on this map. There is a briefing note and video tutorial on student central showing you how to add content.

Click 'add content' - select a category and please add information for your group, organisation, project etc. Add a link - just copy and paste the whole web address from your browser into the content box. Add a relevant image. Insert keywords - this is important so users can search your content.

Note all groups have access to the same map - so don't worry if you see information from other groups on your map.

Remember to press done when you have finished!

Get permission for any photos that are taken by third parties.

Good luck


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