Stage 3: Your virtual village or town!
Using popular gaming platforms to co-design your community.

The virtual village or town: Using gaming platforms as a great engagement, design and planning tool for younger people.

Using Minecraft to build your virtual vision

Here is how we went about it
Looking in to the town
The workshop

By using gaming platforms young people can actively engage in co-designing and modelling their neighbourhood and life within it.

This video shows a workshop delivered by University of Brighton undergraduate students Joe Palmer and Megan Leckie in collaboration with the Community21 Digital Citizenship project. It features use of the ubiquitous platform Minecraft with children building a virtual, replica of their town which they then re-developed in their vision. The town in question is currently undertaking a neighbourhood plan.

Tool guide

  • Tool: Smartdevice
  • Tool: Internet
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: Long
  • Group size: Large
  • Group size: Small

You will need the following apps

Walk through : Video showing the virtual development the children built

Come and see!