'Digi-tools' for engaging young people in neighbourhood planning


The future belongs to young people - but how to get them engaged in the co-design and planning of the future of their neighbourhood? These tools and methods were developed by Community21 to deliver some answers based on research.

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Stage 1: Treasure and Trash!
Kick-starting opinions

Treasure and Trash makes it easy to get opinions and issues formed


Stage 2: Talking Heads
Giving voice to your ideas and issues!

Talking heads is an easy, interactive and great fun way to develop and communicate your thoughts, ideas and issues about the community.


Stage 3: Your virtual village or town!
Using popular gaming platforms to co-design your community.

Gaming is what kids do - so why not use it to engage them in your planning by and design? This stage shows you how we have used ubiquitous gaming platform called Minecraft and designed and built virtual versions of a town undergoing a neighbourhood plan.


Stage 4: Augmented Maps
Communicate all your opinions and creative ideas and content in a brilliant interactive community map


The toolbox rationale and research

Reflections on the toolbox process.