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Barcombe is an East Sussex village lying some 4–5 miles (6.4 km) north of Lewes. It is also the name of one of the civil parishes in the Lewes District of East Sussex. Within the parish are Barcombe itself (the older of the settlements); Barcombe Cross the larger of the two villages and now the main centre of the parish with the amenities and services, where the villagers of the original Barcombe evacuated during the Medieval plague; and the area around Barcombe Mills on the River Ouse. The parish also includes the settlements of Spithurst to the north east and Town Littleworth to the north west.
Curiously the village of Barcombe Cross is known as Barcombe in the local area and also to the Royal Mail and is signed as such. Only on maps is it shown in its full name.
Barcombe is probably best known to Sussex residents and tourists for its 'Mills', a reference to an old water-mill complex on the River Ouse at the base of the hill upon which Barcombe Cross is situated. The Mills were a favourite Sunday outing for townsfolk from Lewes and Brighton before World War II, when the mills were burnt down.
Barcombe was recorded in the Domesday Book as "Berchamp", a reference to fields of barley. Remains have been also found of a Roman villa and an earlier Iron Age roundhouse on the same site, just to the south of the village.
Barcombe parish church is dedicated to St Mary, and is in the older village.

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Barcombe is respected as an active village that has seen many positive developments as a result of historic community-led plans and a motivated community.