Womens Institute

The Barcombe WI meets on the second Tuesday each month at 7.30, in the village hall.

New Members and visitors always welcome! You don't have to make jam, sing Jerusalem and do quilting - honestly!

Programme for 2011
January 11th 'The Eternal Harp' Sally Course
February 8th ‘Sussex Ghosts’ Rupert Matthews
March 8th ‘The Arts and Crafts Home - Standen, Hill House and Blackwell' David Black
April 12th ‘Mailbags and Porridge’ Michelle Wynne-Jones
May 10th ‘Resolutions’
June 14th ‘Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective’ Steve Roberts
July 12th ‘Lewes Priory, the site and its history' Helen Poole
August 9th Garden meeting
Sept 13th ‘Winter Warmers’ Joan Jones
Oct 11th ‘Out of Africa - Oodi Weavings' Victoria Joyce
Nov 8th Annual Meeting
Dec 13th Christmas celebrations
Why join?
Lots of younger women are now joining WIs around the country. Here's a taste of their reasons:

“Belonging to the WI means being able to make a real difference, through our national and local campaigns.”
“Some of our speakers are inspiring, for example, the woman who took up sailing in her 60s and made a solo journey across the Atlantic.”
“It's a very relaxed, friendly and fun WI. Most of the members are in their 60s and 70s and it's really interesting to talk to those whose families have lived around here for generations.”
“I admire the way the WI seeks to educate its members—I learn something new every month.”
“Many WIs are doing exactly the right thing in introducing fresh ideas and gradual change without doing away with long standing traditions. It is a terrible shame that many young women are still put off joining, by a stereotype which no longer exists.”
Other activities
Pilates, Mah Jong, swimming, walking, theatre visits, outings, sewing, nattering and anything else that takes our fancy!

Also national and county events and campaigns.