Revolution Skate Park

Revolution skate park is only 2.8 miles and is a fun and entertaining place for kids and adults.

Revolution Skatepark was first opened back in 1998 to cater for the large amount of Skateboarders, Inline Skaters and BMX'ers in the Thanet and Kent area, as well as reaching out to other skaters all across the country and even the world. Since the Skatepark opened over 16 years ago, many pro teams and riders have visited, including Chet Childress (above), Tim Brauch and Darren Navarette only one month after the Skatepark opened as well as many teams, such as Blind, Think, Venture, Death plus many more.

Revolution Climbing Centre has been open since December 2002 and so far offered a great climbing experience for all abilities and ages. As a late addition to the Skatepark, the Climbing Wall at Revolution has all the facilities needed to offer even the most talented of climbers a challenge. Since the Skatepark and Climbing Centre was first designed, there have been many changes to improve it and keep it exciting. In the last few years we have created two new bowls, surfaced the whole street course, and even built an extension to the park with a brand new warehouse (below). The climbing centre is constantly changing its routes and adding new obstacles to keep the routes fresh. - See more at: