Our Wiki-Work-Shop project is growing

Image Eco-Bali
Ali Rees - Meeting Brighton's Mayor
Ali Rees' work using apple pulp to create labels for Old Tree Community Brewery
Community members in South Africa Image Dreamcatcher Foundation

Our staff and student collaborative project that uses technology and engagement models to support under-developed communities to turn environmental issues into sustainable, social opportunities is helping communities locally and globally.

Our graduates Ali Rees and Matilda Grover demonstrate where and how our collaborative research can engage diverse communities in our home city of Brighton and as far as Nepal.

This year we are teaming up with Eco-Bali who work with communities in the diverse Indonesian archipelago to further our understanding of how we can remotely support communities thousands of miles away.

Our South African experience has proven that there is dual benefits for our UK based students and members of communities with real needs in learning together through the use of internet enabled technology and co-designed models for sustainable development.

Link to South Africa project microsite