Stockport RYPP

THE AGENCY Contact: Sarah Kelly, Team Manager, Youth Justice, Stockport Council

Email: Phone: (0161) 474 4788

Stockport Youth Offending team has been delivering the RYPP programme as a multi-agency project, since 2014.

CRITERIA Stockport MBC. Age range: 10 – 16. Other agencies must remain involved for the duration of the programme. Both young people and parents must be willing to engage.

REFERRAL Anyone can refer, using an official form. No other assessments needed, but screening tools used to establish the level of commitment. Any wait would depend on the start date for the next group.

THE SERVICE The RYPP is a manualised programme (Respect) running parallel groups for parents and young people. It follows a variety of approaches and lasts for 8 weeks. Some one-to-one work is also used. The sessions take place at a community venue.

EVALUATION An evaluation of the RYPP programme has been undertaken by Respect.

Data entered: July 15th 2015 Reviewed: August 2017

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