Warbler Walk

Chiff Chaff
Garden warbler
Reed warbler
Willow warbler

Enter the footpath next to the new village hall and travel down where on the right you may see whitethroats (a typically rural english sound if you catch their song), further down in the wood next to Redbridge you can see (and definatley hear) blackcaps and chiff chaffs. Chiff chaff has unmistakable onomatapea 'chiff chaff' call - the blackcap is more of a warble. Turn right along the Bevern Stream towards the railway line to the copse of big ash and horse chesnut trees and in the hedge of the field or in the big ash is often a garden warbler - it may sing well for you if you are lucky. Keep going onto the bridge and look down to the right, facing the railway line and see if you can spot a reed warbler - in the reeds. Across the next field and the wood on the right for a willow warbler. Any more than four of these spotted on the same walk gets bonus points! Especially as you are far more likley to hear, than see, these super singers.