Digital Health Services Research Hub 2014

Our Aim

The aim of the digital health services hub is to help patients and clinicians get the most out of new information technologies being used in local health services. This aim sounds simple but can prove challenging to achieve in practice. Experience has shown us that a good place to start is for local health service professionals, patients and university-based researchers to work together in order to: •see what kinds of health information technology research projects are going on locally •find each other so they can develop projects together •involve more patients in health services research •embed what we learn in educational activities that build capability

Our intention is to ‘start small’ and focus on local services but we are interested to hear from anyone who shares our aims and would like to be involved in the hub. Please click here to see how we can help.

About us

The hub aims to link people who know how health services work with people who carry out research into how technology is designed and used. Our focus is on local health services and for us (for the time being) that means services provided in Sussex.

The original idea for the hub came from a project led by Dr Lawrence Goldberg that brought together a group of patients and clinicians at the Sussex Kidney Unit. This group invited outside researchers from the University of Brighton to work with them. Our collaboration, ongoing since 2010, has helped us to understand that although technology projects can be complex, it is of critical importance that they: •actively involve both patients and clinicians •are clinically-led •are focused on achieving improvements in care •generate productive working relationships with technology suppliers

Since working together many of us have become involved in other projects related to activities happening at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust. These are our current projects and these are our current project partners.

We have seen how collaboration can create spaces in which we can pro-actively think through the opportunities and challenges new technologies present for local services. We are keen to help support capability building and involvement in this area. With this goal in mind we have forged links between: •local academics who are interested in digital health services research •local community organisations •technology suppliers involved in implementing technology in local health •services