About Herstmonceux Community Land Trust

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Compers Field 2019
Compers Field 2019
Public footpath on site
Site for 18 homes
House design, rear view
House design, front view

Herstmonceux Community Land Trust (HCLT) is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society (No 7612 R) with the objective to provide affordable rental and shared ownership housing in the parish of Herstmonceux.

On 28th May 2020 Wealden District Council approved our planning application to build 18 homes at Compers Field, also known as Strawberry Field, Windmill Hill, East Sussex.

For full details of our plans, latest news, how HCLT is constituted and how to contact us please go to the HCLT Journey section and follow the numbered tabs.

Membership of HCLT & Registration of Interest

Membership of Herstmonceux CLT is open to anyone age 16 or over on completion of a membership form and purchase of at least one share at £1.00 per share. Shares entitle you to vote at the AGM and offer yourself as a member of the Board. You may purchase any number of shares in support of the CLT but you are only entitled to one vote. The membership form may be downloaded here and returned with payment in a sealed envelope to the Village Information Centre, 2/3 The Old Forge, Herstmonceux, or to HCLT c/o Beacon Cottage, Windmill Hill, East Sussex BN27 4RY. You will receive a share certificate in confirmation.

Registration of Interest (ROI) forms allow the CLT to keep a list of those interested in rental, shared ownership or purchase of HCLT homes. It enables us to compile a survey of local housing need and keep you informed of our progress. Completion does not commit you to accepting CLT housing, nor does it commit the CLT to offering you housing. When homes are available the list will enable detailed application forms to be sent to you. The CLT only has access to your name and contact information, all other ROI information is held securely by Action in Rural Sussex.

The ROI form may be downloaded here and should be returned to Action in rural Sussex (AirS) at the address on the form. AirS keep the data secure on behalf of the HCLT.

The Privacy and Data Protection declaration sets out how we hold and manage your personal data. Please read it, as your completion of the membership and/or ROI forms signifies your consent.

HCLT Constitution, policies and Data Protection

Herstmonceux Community Land Trust is registered with the FCA as a Community Benefit Society 1762R. Our registered constitution with rules of how we operate may be downloaded here. You may also view our Privacy & Data Protection GDPR statement and other policies.