Mapping Community University Partnerships

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Welcome to the University of Brighton's Community University Partnership Programme(Cupp).

Cupp has been part of the University of Brighton since 2003. Since then we have been creating, developing and nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships between the university and its local community. Through our strong student community engagement programme and a broad range of local and regional projects Cupp encompasses over 130 academics, 1000 students and 500 community partners.

Every year, Cupp is involved in a number of partnership projects, for some we provide funding and for others we provide staff resource and assistance with project management and development. In each case we hope to match ideas and expertise between local community and voluntary organisations and the University of Brighton.

On Community 21 you can find a wide range of previous and current projects concerned with social and community engagement.

Community Knowledge Exchange

South East Coastal Communities Programme

Community Knowledge Exchange aims to take an active approach to problem solving which achieves the best outcomes for both community and university partners.

The video shows the many ways in which the University of Brighton works with local communities and other higher education institutions across the South East.